Actual Value Initiative (AVI) Town Hall

Are you concerned or confused about how the City's AVI* (Actual Value Initiative) is going to affect your property taxes?  We will be hosting a Town Hall to help educate neighbors on the AVI

When: Tuesday, March 12th, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Where: Guerin Recreation Center, 16th  & Jackson St
Who: A Panel of Representatives from the Office of Property Assessment

Have a question for Panel?
Subject: AVI
Before March 10th 

Here are some helpful resources: 

*The Actual Value Initiative (AVI)

AVI is a program for the assessment of all real property—land and buildings—in Philadelphia, effective Tax Year 2014, at their current market value. Market value reflects the approximate amount a property would sell for in today’s real estate market. The purpose of AVI is to make sure that all values are assessed fairly and in compliance with state laws, statutes, and industry standards. It will ensure that properties of equal value get the same assessments.