Cafe con Chocolate

New Mural at Cafe con Chocolate - Need Donations!

Exciting new activity and development in the West Passyunk Neighbors Association. This week work will be completed on a large mural located at 2100 S. Norwood St. The mural designed and executed by three supporting artists: Mary Hochendoner, Zoe Spiliotis and Adrian Aguirre and a cadre of AmeriCorps ACTS members from The Philadelphia AIDS Consortium depicts the struggle and triumph of work in the Philadelphia area in combating HIV/AIDS. This project is being funded wholly by financial contributions and in-kind work. The three accomplished artists have donated all of their time and work. Mary has a painting currently shown at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and both Zoe and Adrian are international muralists, whose most recent murals are in Venezuela. Even the painting materials have been donated by the artists and from Intercultural Family Services, a local nonprofit community-based organization in our neighborhood. The Café con Chocolate has generously provided as an in-kind contribution its entire exterior walls fronting on Norwood and Snyder. However, they are still in need of donations ($10, $15, $25 or whatever you can afford) to offset the costs of their cherry picker rental which will be used to complete the work this coming week. All donations can be made through The Philadelphia AIDS Consortium’s website using PayPal (all contributions are tax deductible). The Café has also offered to receive and forward any donations to the Consortium. The cost of the cherry picker is $900. So far the full value of the in-kind design, painting, work and materials as well as the space itself is over $4,000. Your contribution will allow them to finish the job and add to the cultural and artistic richness of West Passyunk’s neighborhood. For any additional information, please contact Charlene Arcila at 215-988-9970 x323.