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+ Board Meeting Minutes: January 2018


A public board meeting of the West Passyunk Neighbors Association was held at 6:30PM at the 1st District Police Station, 2301 S 24th St, Philadelphia, PA 19145. In attendance were the members of the board: President: Elizabeth Crutchley Vice-President: James Gitto Secretary: J.G. McMillan Treasurer: Patricia Forcina Committee Chairs: Katie Wade (Green), Emily McMillan (Clean), Amelia Wiggins (Arts and Culture) At-large Board Members: George Philips, Tomika Anglin Also in attendance were two members of the public.

Ms Forcina updated the board on our account balance of $1084.00. We discussed possible expenditures of our funds, including a storage shed for tools. Ms. McMillan will look into prices for a shed. It was also suggested to go to ReStore to look into a discounted shed as we are a non-profit. Mr. McMillan asked if we need to file taxes this year. Ms. Forcina will check into this and use GuideStar to help. Ms. Forcina and Ms. Crutchley will work on activating the Amazon Smile account.

Committee Updates:

Green: Ms. Wade said there will be a tree planting at a date to be determined. Clean: Possible locations for the tool shed were discussed, including by St. Edmonds, by the school, and in the rec center at the playground. Ms. Wiggins alerted Ms. McMillan to a Philadelphia More Beautiful Summit on Feb 6th. Mr. Gitto nominated himself to serve as co-chair of Clean Committee. Ms. McMillan seconded. The motion passed without objection. Zoning: Mr. McMillan had no updates. Events: Ms. Crutchley mentioned the S’Mac Down to discuss later in the meeting.

Possible fundraisers:

Ms. Crutchley said the S’Mac Down will be held in early or late March, hopefully at the ARS Brewery. Last year the budget was $72.74, and returned several times that amount. Although she anticipates it being less this year, Ms. Crutchley requested authorization for up to $100 for materials for the S’Mac Down. Ms McMillan seconded. The motion passed without objection.

Ms. Anglin suggested a flea market in the Fall, and volunteered to take the lead in organizing that event.

A shredding event for household documents as well as possible special recycling/collection is suggested for Spring with a suggested donation of $5.

Mr Gitto suggested emailing the general list asking for a donation. Ms. Crutchley volunteered to do this shortly.

Ms. McMillan mentioned the T-shirts and sweatshirts. Ms. Wiggins has the name of someone who may be able to print free T-shirts for non-profits. She will provide details for the board to consider, and then the board may decide the timing, vendor, quantity, and design or designs that should be purchased, if any.


Mr. Gitto suggested Not In Philly, where individuals adopt their block and clean it up, documenting trash collected.

We could look into getting a student (Temple, Drexel, etc) to be a grant-writing volunteer for us. It would give them hands-on experience with grant writing and save us time and effort.

Bark Park wished to alert WPNA that they are looking into turning the large open area at 20th and Snyder into a pop-up dog park.

Mr Gitto suggested having summits for businesses, schools, and faith to get our name out into the community and figure out ways to help them.

Moving our meeting location to the Dixon House could be beneficial, but their operating hours is a concern as Ms. Anglin said they close at 6PM.

Ms. Crutchley wanted to bring to the board’s attention the various Newbold CDC festivals that will be held in the coming months: Cinco de Mayo (May 5th at Cafe y Chocolate), Newbold Blues Fest (June 16th, 1-6PM), and South Philly SausageFest (September 29th, 12-7PM).

The board having no further business, Ms. Crutchley adjourned the meeting.