Who we Are

West Passyunk Neighbors Association (WPNA) is a volunteer based registered community organization of residents, property owners and business owners. We strive to maintain a diverse and prosperous neighborhood in West Passyunk. Our three main goals are: (1) to improve quality of life; (2) improve our commercial corridors; and (3) to maintain diversity in our neighborhood.

Our first goal is continuous. We host 11 general meetings, 4 board meetings, and as many zoning meetings as needed per year. All meetings are open to the public, and we welcome any and all input from the community. The 1st District Police are present at all of our general meetings and are receptive to request, praise and criticism from residents. We host neighborhood cleanups at least once monthly, and are always involved in greening projects within the neighborhood.

Our second and third goals go hand in hand. West Passyunk includes two commercial corridors that have undergone significant changes within the past hundred years. From thriving avenues, to mostly vacant, and then up-and-coming, our goal is to ensure that our commercial corridors are maintained and are representative of our many cultures and needs of the diverse population that lives here. This includes maintaining commercial zoning on primary corners, increasing density where possible, driving affordable and accessible development, and increasing and encouraging alternate modes of transport along both corridors.

West Passyunk Neighbors Association is open to all individuals, regardless of ethnicity or race, gender, orientation, political conviction, religious perspective, or socioeconomic status.

West Passyunk is a great neighborhood to live, work and play in. Our house search took us all over South Philadelphia, we chose to live West Passyunk because of the neighborhood association.
— J. Harrison, Resident of South Croskey Street.

Board members

President: Elizabeth Crutchley - president@westpassyunk.org

Vice President: James Gitto - vicepresident@westpassyunk.org

Secretary: Stephanie Hasson - secretary@westpassyunk.org

Treasurer: Patricia Forcina - treasurer@westpassyunk.org

Green Chair: Katherine Wade - green@westpassyunk.org

Clean Chair: Emily McMillan & James Gitto - clean@westpassyunk.org

Events Chair: 

Arts and Culture: Patricia Forcina

Zoning Chair: James Gitto

PES Community Advisory Panel: Jimmy Marshina

At-large Board Members: Dolores Gardner, Tomika Anglin, Jimmy Marshina, Shirley Johnson, Gregory O. Yorgey-Girdy & George Phillips