Who we Are

West Passyunk Neighbors Association is a volunteer based organization of residents, property owners and business owners. All residents and property owners within our area of focus are welcomed and encouraged to join us at our general meetings, cleaning & greening activities and zoning meetings. WPNA boundaries are 18th to 25th Streets and Mifflin to Passyunk Ave. 

Our general meetings are public and held on the second Monday of the month at St. Edmond's Rectory, S. 21st Street and Snyder Avenue, at 6:30pm.  You can also join us at one of our weekly cleanups.  All are welcome.

West Passyunk is a great neighborhood to live, work and play in. Our house search took us all over South Philadelphia, we chose to live West Passyunk because of the neighborhood association.
— J. Harrison, Resident of South Croskey Street.

Board members

President: Elizabeth Crutchley - president@westpassyunk.org

Vice President: James Gitto - vicepresident@westpassyunk.org

Secretary: J.G. McMillan - secretary@westpassyunk.org

Treasurer: Patricia Forcina - treasurer@westpassyunk.org

Green Chair: Katherine Wade - green@westpassyunk.org

Clean Chair: Emily McMillan & James Gitto - clean@westpassyunk.org

Events Chair: Elizabeth Crutchley

Arts and Culture: Amelia Wiggins & Patricia Forcina- wpassyunkarts@gmail.com 

Zoning Chair: J.G. McMillan

PES Community Advisory Panel: Tom Hawthorn & Jimmy Marshina

At-large Board Members: Tomika Anglin, Jimmy Marshina, Shirley Johnson & George Phillips